The engineers at Softcom believe “meaningful innovation” is the product of solid groundedness in engineering.

Combined, we’ve devoted millions of hours into thinking, learning, doing, and thinking again in order to ship programmable products that delight people and businesses. This is in keeping with the company’s mission “to connect people and businesses with meaningful innovation.”

But we continue to pour hours into learning, digging deeper and deeper into concepts, theories, and principles governing the engineering of things to enhance how people live, learn, work, and play.

It just never ends.

Along with our continued learning, we bring sharing. Each Softcom engineer is mandated to provide grounding in their area of expertise to the rest of the team, in case there was, and usually, there is one person in the room who picks something from an other discipline to build the next big thing.

Thus, we bring you DevX Blog.

Confidence in Engineering

Softcom Engineering is an interdisciplinary team of thinkers, writers, graphic designers, product designers, product managers, technologists, engineers, singers, photographers and more who, although diverse in backgrounds and disciplines, are united by our mandate and mantra—meaningful innovations.

After the department had fully evolved about the end of 2017, our head of engineering suggested we host our own Ted-like session each Friday where each team member takes the entire team into their world of “the basis for why things are the way they are or become the way they’re intended” in their chosen discipline.

The objective of this session is to ground us in whatever discipline we embrace, inspiring confidence in engineering among ourselves and those who interact with us, even all of us who enjoy the products Softcom builds.

This space, the DevX Blog, is dedicated to sharing those “deep-dives”.

As you read, hear, or see them, all of us at Softcom Engineering invite you to bring your own curiosity and thinking, start conversations, and be involved in a community devoted to making meaning for people with whatever they use living, learning, working, or playing.

Administration of DevX

Devx Blog was created and formerly edited by Kabolobari Benakole. It is currently managed by Tomiwa Orolu, Software Test Analyst and edited by Stephanie C Odili, Journalist.